4 Website Trends to Avoid


Creating a website that showcases your business in a positive light requires a professional design that is on trend with what consumers currently love. Even so, that doesn’t mean you need to use every trend in website design. In fact, some of them should be avoided altogether. When working with your website designer, ensure he or she avoids these design pitfalls.

Parallax Scrolling

One of the biggest trends of 2017 is parallax scrolling but it can also be one of the biggest downfalls for a website. While the scrolling method can add depth to an otherwise boring site, it also causes it to load more slowly. Slow-loading websites cause visitors to leave quickly, often without even looking at the site. In fact, even a one-second delay results in at least seven percent fewer conversions. Slow pages are also bad for your search engine optimization efforts so stick to basic scrolling for better results.

Popover Alerts

If the first thing a visitor sees on your website is a popover message advertising a sale or a newsletter, that visitor will likely be turned off and may even leave the website. Instead of using a popover as soon as the site loads, follow best practices. Offer something of value and code the popover so it only triggers once your reader has scrolled down at least half of your website. By this time, he or she is invested and more likely to be interested in whatever your popover is offering.

Carousel Images

Chances are you’ve visited a website the includes scrolling images or headlines at the top of the page. While this used to be a good way to offer information without cluttering the page, the practice also has quite a few drawbacks. Website designer companies that use carousels are causing your site to slow down, which you already know isn’t good, but they also present a bigger problem. Everybody reads at a different speed. This means your automatic slideshows are very likely either going too slow or too fast for many of your readers. A pretty layout won’t matter if your readers aren’t taking in enough information. Besides, so many websites use this method that yours won’t look unique if you use it as well.

Premade Themes and Templates

Avoid creating a website that looks like every other site on the internet. Premade WordPress themes and website templates are convenient, sure, but they are also overused. Even if you change the logo, colors and information, it will still look eerily similar to many other sites on the internet. When it comes to designing your website, the best option is to hire a web designer who can create a design from scratch. This way, you’ll have something that is 100 percent unique and branded to fit your company.

When hiring a website designer, do some research first. Look for a person or a company like AT&T Website Solutions that has a solid portfolio and excellent feedback from current and former clients. A good designer will be willing to customize everything to your needs, understand your brand, and offer to teach you how to update your site on your own one it is up and running.

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