6 Maintenance Tips for New Commercial Laundry Operators


If you are new to operating a commercial laundry facility, you are in for an adventure. If you run your business the right way, you can likely expect to make a decent profit. If you get things wrong, however, you might lose an unbelievable amount of money. From time to time, you will need to buy laundry machine parts to repair broken equipment. However, by following six maintenance tips, you can keep your machines humming along most of the time.

  1. Check the Owner’s Manual

You can avoid a considerable amount of heartache if you read the operator’s manuals for your commercial laundry machines. These guides detail information you need to keep your equipment operating like it should. Pay special attention to cleaning recommendations, maintenance schedules, and troubleshooting advice. Then, store these resources in a place where you can easily access them for future reference.

  1. View the Manufacturer’s Website

Whether you are ordering new equipment or learning about existing machines, you might want to check out the manufacturer’s website. If there is any upgrade, recall, or service information, it will likely be posted online.

  1. Find a Mechanic

Broken equipment is bad for business. Not only will you directly lose money if your washers and dryers don’t work, your business might quickly develop a bad reputation. As such, before you have a problem, try to find a skilled mechanic who knows how to fix your machines. Ask for a consultation when your equipment is functioning perfectly, so you can be sure your new technician has the expertise toprovide the service you need. Also, check that your repairperson can quickly buy laundry machine parts. If you strategize for fixing damaged equipment before you have a problem, you can keep your business operating seamlessly after you do.

  1. Choose a Supplier

Commercial laundry machines wear out and break. To avoid a business stoppage, you should come up with a strategy for replacing broken parts and machines. Often, the best approach to keeping equipment functioning is to buycommercial laundry parts online. By collaborating with a supplier that exclusively services commercial laundry facilities, you likely won’t have to worry about tracking down a specific part. Instead, you can rely on the large inventory of an online supplier to quickly order and replace components.

  1. Keep the Facility Clean

Lint and grime are enemies of commercial laundry equipment. To keep the machines in your facility performing like they should, you might consider implementing a routine cleaning schedule. Check with your commercial washer and dryer manufacturer for tips on removing gunk from your machines.

  1. Conduct Routine Inspections

Like with any piece of equipment, small issues with commercial laundry machines can turn into big problems if you don’t fix them quickly. Accordingly, make sure you have a plan for conducting routine inspections of your commercial laundry equipment. If you notice a machine isn’t performing optimally, take it out of service until an experienced technician can look at it.

New commercial laundry operators often face a steep learning curve. To avoid having to constantly buy laundry machine parts, smart owners follow six critical maintenance steps. If you follow these, you will probably be off to a solid start at making a good profit in your new commercial laundry business.

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