Are You Looking for Advice Regarding Intellectual Property Rights?


Let us first of all try to understand what intellectual property stands for. If you have done any useful invention or written a book or any kind of artistic work, design or developed a business idea, then all these are considered to be your intellectual property. Therefore, you would like to protect your intellectual property so that nobody will misuse it. You have rights to protect your intellectual property that you may either sell or allow someone else to use with your permission.

Intellectual rights are always protected under copyright, patent or trademark laws that will enable you to either earn money or recognition from your own creation. However, if anyone misuses your intellectual property without your permission then you have got every right to sue the offender under the above law. There are plenty of intellectual property lawyers available, who can take up the case for you to protect your rights.

How to seek help from IP lawyers

IP rights are little exclusive in legal profession where lawyers are legally qualified to provide you necessary advice. Some people however take up their IP related case without involving any legal professional, but there is a risk of facing a number of complications. The laws regarding intellectual property rights are quite complex and therefore a person without right knowledge in this field may not be able to negotiate well and as a result your valuable intellectual property may be under risk.

Most of these IP lawyers are regulated by independent regulatory body. In order to find further details about this profession and how to find suitable attorney to take up your case, you may visit the websites of following organizations.

  • The Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
  • The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA)
  • Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI)
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

How to choose right IP lawyer

As already mentioned, intellectual property is a very special area and therefore while hiring them you must look for following.

  • Ensure that he is specialized in this field. He must have knowledge and experience to take up such case. Simply engaged in legal profession may not qualify him for such skills.
  • Ensure that the lawyer has got proper license
  • Make sure that he has taken up such case before
  • Check whether he is member of any professional body regulating IP lawyers.

How to obtain patent

Obtaining patent may be little costly and complex process. Therefore, you must have right kind of lawyer who has necessary skills to draft your legal documents. If there is any error made while drafting or making the application for patent, then it is impossible to get it corrected. In such case your patent may become invalid.

Therefore, you have to exercise great amount of caution before proceeding for patent application. You need to educate yourself enough about intellectual property related matters by either contacting experts in this field or going through various websites related to this area.

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