Choosing the Right Company to Provide Your Access Mats


Access mats are an important component for successfully completing any construction or drilling job. Without them, your equipment could become stuck or even cause harm to your employees. Before renting or purchasing mats, consider what you need and the type of company you want to work with.

Know Which Equipment You’ll Be Using

Before you can begin choosing a company or the types of crane mats you need, you must know exactly which types of equipment you’ll be using for your construction or digging project. The larger the equipment is, the stronger you’ll need your mats to be. In addition to equipment, consider how you’ll be transporting your supplies. It may be you need a company that can provide you with more than one type of mat.

Check Out the Environment

What type of environment will you be working in? Sturdy ground usually won’t require the same types of mats as other types of construction environments. If your work will take place in an area that has ditches, streams, marshes or very uneven terrain, you’ll need mats that can stand up to the job and won’t slip as you move your equipment across them. Even if you are working on generally dry land that is even, consider what will happen if it does rain. Muddy grounds typically require the same types of mats as other soft-ground construction sites.

Create a Budget

Once you know which type of ground you’ll be working on and the best types of mats for the environment, you need to establish a budget. Research what average costs are for renting or buying new or used mats and consider your own budget in relation to your research. By having a solid understanding of the market and knowing what your business can afford, you make it less likely that a company providing your access mats will be able to gouge your wallet.

Research the Companies

Before contacting potential suppliers, research them. Good suppliers will offer a wide variety of mats, be licensed and insured and be in good standing with the regulating authorities as well as current and former customers. Narrow your choices down to two or three reputable businesses before contacting them.

Ask Questions

Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to ask questions about your supplier. The employees should be able to recommend mats to you, answer questions regarding what each mat is made of, how much weight it can withstand and what size it is as well as its grade and what affects its efficacy. You should also determine whether mats are cleaned between uses if you will be renting or purchasing used.

Know What You’re Responsible For

If the company doesn’t clean its mats, are you in charge of ensuring you return them clean? Does the company set up and take down mats or will your employees need to know how to install them? What fees are associated with renting? All of this information is important to ensure you make the best decision for your business.

By researching first, you prevent renting or buying the wrong mats to handle your construction job. You also ensure you work with a reputable provider of access mats so your equipment and employees are safe and the job is done right the first time.

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