Follow These Etiquettes to Ensure You Give a Perfect Audition


People think acting is very simple and so they judge actors very easily. It is easy to comment on someone sarcastically for their failure but it takes lot of courage to stand at their position and act better. People are crazy about acting industry, these days. Many stand in line for hours to get a chance of performing in an open audition.

Audition is a very simple word to pronounce but difficult to handle. We know there are hundreds of them waiting in the crowd for the golden opportunity to get a break. Major or minor, all roles are equivalent as long as you get a breakthrough in the acting industry.  ot However, all do not get that green signal, in their first round.

Have you ever wondered why you were not selected even though your performance was appreciated by everyone? Amy Gossels, a New York casting Director says actors often think acting is the main thing that is considered in an audition. However, it is untrue because they also judge your behavior, during the try-out.

Amy Gossels casting agency works hard on actors to teach them not only acting but also etiquettes and behavior that counts a lot. She has won awards for more than 30 short films and still continues to cast new faces in commercials and film industry.

It is easy to get butterflies in the stomach, when your audition date is nearby. However, if you do not present yourself properly you fail to get the role. Thus, there are few things that you need to consider before entering an audition hall-

  • The first thing is to arrive on time, which means before your appointed time of audition, coming right on appointed time is considered late.
  • If you get selected for second round make sure you don’t have any other engagements in following days, which looks unprofessional.
  • When you enter the audition room do not throw your things on a chair while sit on another. Keep all your things together and leave the chair beside you empty.
  • Dress up formally. Do not show up as if you are going for a cocktail party, think about the character and use your brain. However, that doesn’t mean if you are going for a comedy show you dress up like a clown.
  • Some people think talking to others and being friendly with everyone is noticed. That might be true but over talking makes the entire room chaotic.
  • Some actors are so nervous that they start reading their script in public disturbing and distracting others. Scripts should be revised in the morning before coming to the studio.
  • Even good actors forget their lines but you need to be professional enough to handle it smartly. Apologize and start again confidently.
  • If you are unable understand anything do not hesitate to ask again. Overconfidence can get you to wrong place.
  • Don’t keep all things in a haphazard manner. Like your resume, headshot, everything should be neatly aligned and stapled.

Confidence is the key to success. If few things are considered minutely, you can win your way.

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