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Visiting a Renaissance festival can be an exciting, immersive experience. Many people love to attend these events dressed in period costumes with entertaining character background stories. You will see everything from peasants, wenches and stable boys, to knights and squires, all the way up to kings and queens. If you’re lucky, you may even see a special occasion, such as a wedding, take place. The people you see may have the accent down and the details of their back story memorized, but the first thing you are likely to notice is the Renaissance fair costumes they wear. People who dress up for these events don’t just blend into the background either, they stand out by fitting in with their surroundings so well!

Get Started on Your Outfit

Renaissance festival costumes can be a lot of fun to put together. First you need to decide what social rank you want to be a part of. This is one of the rare occasions in life when you get to choose that entirely for yourself! There are many individual pieces to choose from, depending on what kind of Renaissance lifestyle you have chosen for yourself. Peasant blouses are popular, simple tops that can instantly transform your look from modern to Renaissance. The flowing style is perfect for a casual day in the mead tent.

There are plenty of styles of fancier dress to choose from, ranging from the type of simple skirts and bodices worn by farm workers and other working class Renaissance citizens, to elegant, carefully ornamented velvet or satin gowns which would have been reserved for members of the royal court and other high-ranking ladies. There are even gorgeous wedding gowns available if you are looking to celebrate an especially momentous occasion at a Ren fest.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of exciting Renaissance fair costumes out there in men’s styles, too. In addition to the upper and lower class looks, there are the charmingly chivalrous attires of knights in chain mail and other pieces of armor. It’s the perfect way to live out a fantasy of living as a shining warrior in a bygone era.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Finish off your costume with a beautiful headpiece, a cape, or even sleeves. Sleeves were generally separate from other garments during Renaissance times, so you can choose a couple of pairs of sleeves to greatly widen the looks of your period wardrobe. Jewelry, chain mail, even replica weaponry are also great accessories to Renaissance festival costumes, so look for some nice metalwork to really round out your outfit

Fantasy and Fun

Ren festivals are a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy dressing up. Renaissance fair costumes come in some outstanding styles for ladies and gentlemen. You can dress down as a common bar wench or farm hand, or fancy yourself into a lady-in-waiting or knight in shining chain mail. The accessories are just as fun, lending a touch of authenticity with addendum garments, jewelry, or weaponry. The world is your stage, so go on and imagine yourself into the Renaissance fantasy of your choosing, and get started on your costume today!

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